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Self-Tape & Audition Coaching

We are pleased to offer bespoke 'Director-and-a-Reader' self-tape and audition coaching sessions, via Zoom.

Director Robyn Winfield-Smith and Actor & Voiceover Artist Samantha Peters will offer you:

  • Advice on eyelines, framing and lighting

  • Coaching on technique and presentation

  • Direction within your chosen scene/extract

  • Exercises to promote ease, embodied performance and truthful detail within your performance

  • Tips on line-learning, self-preparation and the further development of your acting craft

Sessions are offered at £40 for half an hour and £75 for an hour.

If finances are a barrier to you accessing these coaching sessions, please contact us explaining your situation and what you would like to gain from one or more sessions, and we will consider a skills-swap/time-banking or Pay What You Can arrangement.

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